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An architect office beyond the ordinary pushing the limits with focus on
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Scharc Architecture

”For us, the project is always at the heart of what we do. Together with all involved consultants, contractors, owners and users, we strive for the best end result, taking into account time, costs and the greatest possible value from a life cycle, user and owner perspective.”

Sven Staiger, CEO Scharc Group

Within Scharc Arkitektur we focus on developing cost-efficient and high quality architecture that satisfies our clients demands. Scharc controls the entire project from analysis, through the planning process until the finished construction. All projects are developed with building information models (BIM).

In the last two decades, Scharc successfully worked with over 200 different projects which had a wide range from urban design and housing projects, over sports facilities to commercial and industrial estates.

Some examples are infrastructure projects such as the metro depot “Norsborgsdepån” and “Högdalsdepån” for NCC and SL, industrial projects such as the intermodal terminal “Årsta” and schools such as “Brunnsängsskolan” in Södertälje, over 10 schools and sports halls in Nacka as part of “Nacka Strategisk Partnering”.

Building Information Technology.
Building the future with AI, BIM, and Digital Twins - Innovating the Building Industry for a Sustainable Tomorrow!

BuildingCloud Labs

The Building Information Cloud was founded to employ our vision to advance the construction industry into the digital age, industry 4.0.Our mission is to evolve BIM, Building Information Model, into BIC, Building Information Cloud, to not only focus on a building’s design, construction and operations, but also on how people, processes and systems connect and interact during all building phases.

BuildingCloud Labs is working for over 10 years on developing its own information and communication tools based on digital twins.

From the very beginning of the project, we build BIM-models to work with. This method allows us to visualize the entire project realistically, as well as provide solid calculations for required construction modules and materials. Along with our partners, we deal with energy studies and cost analysis in the early stages of a project. We establish digital twins based on BIM (Building Information Model, BIM) including reality-based data and objects and linked to sensors and work processes.

To share our knowledge and because of our understanding that we can only push our industry forward together, we created the BuildingCloud platform for all of us to use together for a more sustainable design- and construction process, which focuses on the building throughout its life time.

Real Estate Development.
Analytical and data based with BIM based assessment concepts and user demand based testing

Scharc Development

Scharc Development works in the field of real estate development and develops projects in Sweden with focus on the metropolitan areas. Depending on the demands, Scharc can manage projects or accompany development processes as a service developer. The department offers several services within the development process, beginning with the project initiation over the project evaluation to the project management.

We create a feasibility analysis at an early project stage to evaluate the chances and risks of the project and create the foundation for future decisions. Another important aspect is the site acquisition followed by the building permission, which demands good communication between all project stakeholders. Therefore Scharc strives for ongoing communication between all affected project stakeholders and clear and comprehensible visualized results.

If the feasibility analysis and the profitability calculations are positive and the client decides to realize the project, Scharc can run the project management. The focus of this project stage is on the permanent quality, cost and time management, to realize projects on time and within their project budgets.

How does the use of the latest technology, including BIM and digital twins, contribute to the success of an architecture office?

An architect office that uses the newest technology, including BIM (Building Information Modeling) and digital twins, can offer several advantages that can lead to increased success.

Firstly, the use of BIM and digital twins can improve the accuracy and efficiency of the design process, allowing architects to create more detailed and accurate designs with fewer errors and omissions. This, in turn, can reduce costs and project timelines, and improve overall project quality.Secondly, BIM and digital twins enable architects to simulate different scenarios and evaluate design options in real-time, allowing them to identify potential issues before construction begins. This can help to reduce risk, minimize project delays and ensure that the final product is in line with the client's vision and objectives.

Finally, the use of BIM and digital twins can help to improve collaboration between stakeholders, including architects, engineers, contractors, and owners. By providing a common digital platform for communication and data sharing, BIM and digital twins can help to improve efficiency, reduce misunderstandings, and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals.

Overall, an architect office that uses the newest technology and BIM and digital twins can offer superior services to their clients, leading to increased success, improved project outcomes, and enhanced client satisfaction.