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Dear Iphone user. Unfortunately, the technology used is not part of Safari. Please use this link to experience the virtual building.

BuildingCloud's Experience

This virtual experience allows you to walk around inside your building. Start by clicking on the "play button" and on the "full screen" icon. Then the game is loaded on a server so you can stream it on your computer. This way you can use your mobile, a tablet or a simple laptop. If you want to play with VR glasses, you are welcome to contact us.  We can make sure you get the game to install it on your computer.

Choose the right version. "Mobile" to go around as in Google Street View will be best for your mobile device. If you use a computer with a mouse, you can do much more in the "Studio" version. There you can also measure, change avatars, sketch and look even under furniture. Check it out!

If your experience is not supported by your browser, feel free to use Chrome or Edge, or any other Chromium based browser. Deviations from reality may occur.
Click on the pictures below to see the tutorials on Youtube.