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Does the building design meet your requirements?

Architectural design through data based processes and digital twins created with BIM.

Working with design processes based on our digital twin concept you can verify that your building meets your design requirements by visiting future buildings simultaneously with colleagues in a virtual environment at every stage. Testing, analyzing, and comparing different design solutions in a hyper-realistic environment promotes clear vision and good teamwork.

Who is Scharc?

At our architecture office, we utilize cutting-edge technologies such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) and digital twins to design and create innovative buildings. Our experienced team of architects and engineers use these advanced tools to develop 3D models of buildings and simulate different scenarios, ensuring that our designs are accurate and effective.

With BIM, we can create detailed models that enable us to optimize building performance, reduce errors, and improve collaboration between stakeholders. Digital twins take this to the next level by allowing us to monitor the building's performance in real-time and make adjustments as needed, ensuring that our designs are always functioning at their best.

Our use of BIM and digital twins allows us to offer our clients superior design solutions that are both efficient and sustainable. By partnering with us, you can be confident that you are getting the most innovative and effective architectural services available.

Design and conctruction management.
Documention, visual and automated, an integrated workflow and user demand based testing

Project management to achieve cost effective soltutions.

With our team we give way for easy and efficient project management. An user-friendly interface has been designed by users for users, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise.
With BuildingCloud, you'll never have to go through tedious training sessions or struggle with complicated installations. With our access-first approach, you can stay connected and informed, no matter where you are. The information you need is always at your fingertips, ensuring you can make informed decisions and keep your team and stakeholders on the same page. Our model-based approach offers visual representation of your project, making it easy to understand, and updates automatically to keep you up-to-date on progress.

Design with confidence!

Building projects require careful planning and data-driven decision-making in the design phase to ensure success. Creating a digital twin of the building, based on the actual structure, enables a model-based design approach that prevents errors on the construction site and provides a cost-effective solution for testing design ideas. This collaborative process replaces personal opinions with a data-driven approach, resulting in a higher value building with lower costs. By simulating real-world processes and happenings inside the building, the digital twin allows for a more accurate representation of the final product.

Projects at your fingertips, from anywhere

Maximize your project potential and ensure success with our state-of-the-art tech solutions. Our intuitive BuildingCloud platform allows for easy and efficient project management, keeping your team and stakeholders on the same page. You'll have access to the information you need at your fingertips, empowering you to make informed decisions and reach your project goals without endless searching. Stay connected to your projects from anywhere with our versatile platform, featuring a customized mobile app for effortless collaboration, real-time updates, and streamlined workflows.

The use of a digital twin throughout the buildings life cycle.
Knowledge loss, higher targets for carbon neutral buildings and rising construction costs, require a new design process to create sustainable building designs with low carbon impact and high user experience!

More sustainable buildings and streamlined processes with digital twins based on BIM. Unleash the benefits through out the entire building life cycle.

Digital twins can help in design and construction, as well as in operating buildings and cities more efficiently, thus reducing their environmental impact. The integrated workflow built around the BIM model has the potential to drastically increase the efficiency of the design and production process, and reduce both construction waste and the risk of design errors. 

Sensors and wearables, and mobile devices, play a strategic role in the use of the digital twins started during the design phase and its implementation during construction and maintenance leads to increased operational efficiency, provides data for faster risk assessment, real time monitoring and better team collaboration.

The threshold for accessing BIM models needs to be demolished so that everyone can participate. Easy access and traceability create trust, which is fundamental for everyone to be able to work with them, be it in design, procurement, production or even facility management.

Digital twins linked to the BIM model and work processes will complement gut-driven decisions with processes based on data collected throughout the lifecycle of the building.

Our clients, partner, building owners and entrepreneurs


Organisations like Smart Build Environment, Linköpings University and Formas who help us with knowledge and funding to research and develope new features and to make sure digitalsiation will help to fullfill the longterm goals which are set.

Real Estate owners

From early design processes to the management of real estate, we design buildings to make facility management more cost effective and buildings adapt the the challenges of their life cycle and the always higher demands for sustainability.

Design and construction industry

Working together with others, testing on site and connecting our platform to different applications helps us to create a more sustainable future.