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Entrance plaza | Lidingö, Stockholm

The redesign of an entrance plaza

Stockholm, Sweden. Last updated 2023-03-01

Advantages of the new plaza

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Redesigning an entrance plaza can enhance its aesthetic appeal, functionality, and accessibility. Improvements such as better flow, seating, shading, lighting, and signage can make the space more user-friendly and comfortable for visitors, leaving a positive first impression. Incorporating branding elements can also make the entrance plaza a valuable marketing tool.

Redesigned entrance plazas can also create opportunities for community engagement and social interaction. Public art, interactive installations, and gathering spaces can turn the entrance plaza into a hub of community activity, promoting a sense of place and local identity. In summary, redesigning an entrance plaza can create a more welcoming and attractive environment for visitors, offer branding and promotion opportunities, and create opportunities for community engagement and social interaction.

Department: Architecture
Field of Expertise:
Urban Development
Project status:
Lidingö, Stockholm
Project time:

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