Ältadalens Preschool | Nacka Älta

A new preschool as part of Nacka Strategical Partnering

Stockholm, Sweden. Last updated 2023-03-01

Advantages of the new preschool

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Ältadalens Preschool is a newly built preschool with facilities and equipment featuring modern technology. We have a fantastic outdoor environment, thanks to the trees and other exciting natural elements that have been preserved within the preschool's yard. The preschool is located near a nature reserve and just a stone's throw away from Strålsjön, which invites walks and play in an exciting environment

Department: Architecture
Field of Expertise: Education
Project status: Completed
Building owner: Nacka kommun
Entrepreneur: NCC Construction Sverige AB
Building size: 160 kids, 8 departments
Location: Nacka
Project start: 2016/04
Project end: 2018