Preschool concept | Bettorp Örebro

Commonly used spaces for space and cost-effective building design.

Stockholm, Sweden, 2015

Advantages of the preschool concept

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Commonly used spaces should be a key part of any space-efficient preschool design. By strategically placing and organizing these spaces, preschools can maximize their available space while still providing all the necessary facilities and amenities for the children. This approach can help to create a more comfortable, functional, and efficient learning environment for both children and staff.

For example, common areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and storage areas can be designed to maximize space utilization and accessibility. This may involve using compact appliances and fixtures, maximizing vertical storage space, and incorporating multifunctional design elements. By optimizing these spaces, preschools can create more open and flexible areas for learning and play.

Commonly used spaces can also play a role in fostering social interaction and collaboration among children. By designing these spaces to be open and accessible, preschools can encourage children to interact with each other and with their environment, promoting creativity and imagination.

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Feasibility study
Örebro, Sweden
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