Campus Södermalm | Hönsfodret 1 Stockholm

A new learning environment

Stockholm, Sweden, 2019 -2022

Advantages of the campus

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At Campus Södermalm, students are provided with state-of-the-art facilities and a learning environment that is designed to meet the needs of the future. The entrance features a spacious atrium where students can gather and socialize. In addition to common areas such as a large cafeteria with its own school kitchen, a sports hall, a new school library, and a school café, each school will have its own classrooms, lecture halls, and labs, tailored to their specific needs and operations.

Campus Södermalm is currently Academedias largest and most modern upper secondary school campus in Stockholm, offering students the best opportunities for learning and development. The campus is designed to provide a supportive and adaptable environment, where students can thrive and succeed in their academic pursuits.

Department: Architecture
Field of Expertise:
Project status:
Building owner during construction:
Academedia - KLARA Södra, LBS Kreativa Gymnasiet Södra, ProCivitas Stockholm och Internationella Hotell- och Restaurangskolan (IHR)
Building size:
ca 2400 students
Project time:
2019 - 2022