Hovsjö school F - 9 | Södertälje, Sweden

A new school as part of Södertälje kommune and NCC partnering

Södertälje, Sweden, 2010 -2012

Advantages of the new school based on Södetäljes school concept

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Since 2008 NCC Construction Sverige, Telge Fastigheter and Södertälje commune have been collaborating and have completed several projects in Södertälje. One of these projects was the Hovsjöskolan. The school is built for around 650 students and was completed in 2012. Instead of traditional classrooms and long dark hallways, Hovsjöskolan is aligned to the Södertälje’s school model and offers flexible bright and open spaces with glass walls. Students walk in socks or indoor slippers to provide a living room feeling which makes the school their own. Its bright harmonic color scheme is inspired by nature’s greenery and is complemented with contrasting colors and materials.

It is an energy-efficient building in accordance with the EU standard green building and uses 30% less energy than the energy norm demands. Furthermore the building uses district heating via radiators and modern biotechnology for grease traps, kitchen ventilation and food waste. Another aspect is the use of low-energy lighting which helps to save energy. All building materials are approved by SundaHus and Telge Fastigheter’s environmental policy to protect the internal and external environment.

The heart of the school is formed by a multi-functional square, which is a vast open space with a high ceiling. A wide oak bleacher connects the square with the first floor and can be used for resting, chatting and reading. It can easily be used as a tribune when the square becomes a stage or is used for film screenings. The square also features a climbing wall and trapezes which encourage students to exercise. Teaching is done in open spaces or in glazed group rooms which offer modern smart boards. The bright and open floor plan invites collaboration across different grades and improves the trust among both students and teachers. All food is prepared on-site and can be eaten in any of the three dining areas. Outdoors, students can find an exciting schoolyard that invites them to play and move. After school hours, the school is also opens to the public and serves for example as a library.

Scharc was responsible for the design of the school and the work drawings. After the first years of Södertälje’s school model, the model was adjusted and NCC and Scharc changed what used to be open teaching areas into closed classrooms. The new classrooms do not affect the concept of an open and flexible school.

Department: Architecture
Field of Expertise:
Project status:
Building owner:
Telge Fastigheter AB
NCC Construction Sverige AB
Building size: 650 pupils
Construction costs:
200 000 000 SEK
Södertälje, Sweden
Project time:
2010 - 2012