I Love Botkyrka | Stockholm

A vision the northern part of Botkyrka

Stockholm, Sweden, 2010

Advantages of our vision

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Together with NCC Construction Sverige, Scharc Development investigated the development possibilities in Botkyrka. We examined the municipality’s general plan and the more detailed structure plans that we found interesting. We started our work by passing through the municipality and impartially discussing future solutions and development plans for different areas. Back at the office we continued mapping the area and the collection of our ideas.

To begin with, we selected the areas Riksten, Kassmyra, Tullinge Centrum, Tumba Centrum, Hågelby, Eriksberg, Slagsta and the area surrounding the E4 in Hallunda for further research. Riksten and Kassmyra are major development areas, mainly for housing. Tullinge Centrum is like a little brother to Tumba Centrum, and we believe that Tullinge Centrum with its surroundings has great development potential. In Hågelby a new location for events was planned, whereas Eriksberg and Slagsta already are two expanded areas of activity with possibilities for more construction. The area surrounding the E4 in Hallunda has great potential to become an entrepreneurial center, but we believe that more housing would develop this area further.

As a basis for the selection and suggestions we made, field studies of the municipality of Botkyrka were used. We studied the municipality’s general plan and the more detailed structure plans. The market information was gathered from assessments made by NewSec Analys AB, and the property information, such as ownership summary, area/surface data, property codes, addresses, rate base and the assessed market value of each property were obtained from Lantmäteriverket. Information about the interests of companies was obtained directly from the credit reference company UC and the data was obtained from Statistics Sweden. In addition, we conducted research of our own, primarily from the municipal website and we also took a closer look at the area surrounding the E4 in Hallunda and Tullinge Centrum.

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Botkyrka, Sweden
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