I.WE.STHLM – Student Apartment Hotel | Stockholm

A new concept to accommodate Stockholm's students

Stockholm, Sweden, 2015

Shared facilities as the core of the student hotel

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I.WE.STHLM is a concept for a student apartment hotel in Stockholm, which enters the student housing market in a unique way by offering students secure, easy and comfortable apartments for a smooth transition into their student life. This is a new concept in the Swedish housing market, and offers efficient private space student apartments as well as many shared facilities. In contrast to Stockholm’s housing market, which requires many days of queuing and with the large number of scams, apartments can be rented immediately per semester or academic year, offering secure housing conditions for the rental period. Besides the instant availability and reliability, I.WE.STHLM offers an exceptional living experience that makes the transition into student life very convenient and easy.

Department: Real Estate Development
Field of Expertise:
Hotel & Conventions
Project status:
Investment and location scouting
Project time:
2013 - 2015