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It was a cool white and red flowery looking object swimming peacefully out there on the river.

Stockholm, Sweden

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MyÖ was initiated by architect Sven Staiger. Together with his friend, industrial designer Måns Collner, he developed several versions of MyÖ – Floating Islands. After trying many different designs, they decided to focus on the smaller version called “Ö3” and the bigger version called “Ö6”. The design is inspired by a floating flower on a mountain lake and the name MyÖ relates to the Swedish word “Ö” which means island.

My Floating Island Ö3
To retreat from big city life, floating island Ö3 offers you a harmonious space to recover. After a refreshing dip in the pool and enjoying the sun, the nicely shaped roof offers you a place to enjoy your meals and socialize. A cabin allows you to store your things and keep your meal cool.

After an early breakfast at the hotel……some of Emilia‘s friends wanted to take a day off and take a swim in the river. The water was dirty and didn’t look very inviting in this part of the city. She had heard about these boats which you could rent. They said that you even could bath in them. She had trouble imagining how this would work, but the excitement to take a bath under the steaming sun was bigger and they all went to the place where one could be rented.

A small boat took them out to the floating object. It was a cool white and red flowery looking object swimming peacefully out there on the river. The white surface seemed very smooth and the wooden floor was warm under her feet. They took their belongings and placed them in the small cabin. There was a table to play games and a bar built into the wall. Two red vinyl leaves looked inviting for taking the sun and she took her towel and went for it. It was a soft surface which made it very comfortable to lie on. Her friends went directly into the pool. The water was warm and bubbling.

Wow, it even had a whirlpool…

My Floating Island Ö6
The larger floating island Ö6 has a swimming pool and outdoor deck to relax in the sun and a big indoor space with a bar to meet friends and arrange various events.

The hotel……was situated next to a beautiful beach. The black lava was a wonderful contrast to the blue, turquoise ocean and the waves lapped gently over the stones.

A wooden peer led out to a big white smooth object floating on the water.

It had this white shiny surface which reflected the sparkling sun. As I went closer, I could see that it had a stair leading to the top. I climbed on board to discover a wooden deck cutting into the smooth form of the outer surface. There was a pool to take refreshing dip in the water. As I turned around, I realized that was a door leading into the boat. The steps led down into this white, lighted room furnished with …

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