NCC – Data Center Template| Sweden

A flexible concept for multipurpose data centers in Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden, 2013

Advantages of NCC's data center template

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The NCC Data Center project is a flexible concept for multipurpose data centers in Sweden. The concept reduces common project development times for data centers and focuses on energy efficiency, building flexibility and reliability.

The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) level, which measures how efficient data centers use energy, is planned to be below 1.15 which means “Very efficient“. It also uses self-produced power from solar panels or wind power and has a waste heat recovery system. The building fulfills the norms to be certified in accordance with LEED. The data center is flexible in size and can be scaled from 5,000 sq. m. up to two-story data centers with 20,000 sq. m. in total. It can easily be divided for different users with different demands. The building has a raised floor in the data hall and is equipped with a liquid coolant cooling system.

Another important aspect is the reliability of Sweden as a project location. Sweden is ranked as number three in “The Data Centre Risk Index 2013”, has Europe’s lowest electricity prices, a stable and green grid, stable political and economic conditions and offers a cool climate which is perfect for data centers. There are different attractive locations available in the Stockholm metropolitan area, but also ready-to-build locations with planning permission in the northern part of Sweden. These locations also meet the high requirements on access to green electricity and fast and powerful fiber communication.

Scharc designed the building for NCC Construction Sverige in collaboration with Swedish data center specialist ENACO.

Link: NCC about the data center platform

Department: Architecture
Field of Expertise:
Project status:
Concept owner:
NCC Construction
NCC Construction Sverige AB
Building size:
5 000 - 20 000 sq.m.
Time: 2013