New homes in the center of Salem | Salem

The adaption to the existing terraced houses and surrounding green spaces

Stockholm, Sweden, 2016

Advantages of the new building structure

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Overall idea
The proposal is based on Salem's existing building structure, which consists of a center with a typical 60s character, terraced houses and existing green structures. The new buildings adapt to the existing terraced houses and surrounding green spaces. The new urban park between the buildings opens up to the existing pedestrian and cycle paths. The new buildings have a city-like character with the characteristics of a garden city and act as a transition between a developed future city center and terraced houses with courtyards in front of them. The park provides opportunities for people to meet, for children to play and for playful sports.

Building volumes
The southern building facing the parking lot is broken up to create direct access from the center to the park. In addition, the architecture will be broken down into smaller parts to create a small town character. The different volumes and materials of the buildings will create an exciting area. At the same time, there is a well thought out building structure to be time and cost effective.

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