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Simple solutions to re-build Stockholm's suburbs

Stockholm, Sweden

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During the 1960s and at the beginning of the 1970s, the shortage of housing in Sweden was enormous. Many people lived in crowded and dilapidated buildings, which led to mass production of apartment buildings . the so called “Million Program”. New suburbs took form. The houses were to be situated in bright open areas, close to recreation facilities. To begin with, these well-planned apartments were very popular. Today many of these buildings are in desperate need of renovation. In addition, these neighborhoods often suffer from problems such as bad reputation, high unemployment and unwelcoming living environments. The goal is to make these areas popular again. We believe we have the tools to do it. To make this happen, we propose simple solutions, which can be implemented swiftly, are affordable and independent from each other. We are proposing a “Toolbox” of renovation ideas!

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