Norsborgsdepån Subway depot| Stockholm

A new depot for Stockholm's prepared for the new self-driving C30 subway trains

Stockholm, Sweden, 2013 - 2017

A new depot build mainly under the ground

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The “Norsborgsdepån” project is located in Norsborg and is a part of SL’s (Storstockholms Lokaltrafik) program RLU (Röda Linjens Uppgradering) to increase the capacity of the red subway line. One benefit of the new subway depot is that SL can place the subway trains at the end of the subway line in Norsborg, from where the trains can directly start their service. Nowadays, empty trains need to transfer between Nybodadepån in Liljeholmen and Norsborg Subway Station. Besides a better use of the network, the depot will increase the maintenance, washing and parking capacity of Stockholm’s subway network.

After the subway trains pass the last subway station Norsborg, the trains enter the underground washing facility. When the trains are clean, they can drive through or park in one of the three caverns (Uppställningstunnlar) or continue to the service building for maintenance which is built on top of the concrete tunnel. The service building contains five workshop sites to maintain subway trains, a hall for graffiti removal, staff and service spaces.

In this project Scharc worked for NCC Construction Sverige and was responsible for the work drawings of the depot, workshop, tunnel and rectifier station. We also worked on the existing design, improving it in different ways, for example, an optimized construction method and improved facade. The design process took 1.5 years and was done in close cooperation with SL and NCC.

Department: Architecture
Field of Expertise:
Project status:
Building owner:
NCC Construction Sverige AB
Building size (E1): 22 000 sq.m.
Construction costs:
~ 1 000 000 000 SEK
Botkyrka, Sweden
Project start:
Project end:

NCC about the project (Swedish)

Project in short:
- Depot offers space for 17 subway trains
- Five workshop sites in the service building to maintain the subway trains
- Train wash and removal of graffiti
- Staff and service spaces for staff of around 100 people
- Total length of tunnel 2,700 m
- Three caverns
- Ceiling height of 8 m
- Tunnels 1 and 2 are 24 m wide and Tunnel 3 is 19 m wide
- Main communication tunnel goes through all three tunnels and is 14 m high
- 370,000 solid cubic meters were which could fill Stockholm’s event arena Globen