Pålsjöäng – Student Apartments | Lund

Modular build student apartments

Lund, Sweden, 2012

New student apartments

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The project “Pålsjöäng” is located in Lund, just two kilometers away from the city center and close to Lund’s “School of Economics” and “School of Engineering”. It consists of 172 studio apartments which have around 22 sq.m. and are divided into five buildings. The apartments are fully furnished, have a pantry kitchen, bathroom and balcony. Prime Living leases the property from Akademiska Hus and rents out the apartments to Lund University. Tenants are mostly international students and researchers who are studying at Lund University.

Special characteristics of this project are the temporary building permit of around 10 years (5 years + optional 5 years), low construction costs and a very short construction time on-site. The construction company achieved this by applying a new construction process which is based on a modular system. After a maximum of 10 years, the buildings will be disassembled and mounted at the next location. The municipality can use this time to work on a permanent solution and build permanent buildings. This ends up in a better use of available properties and can help students live in their own apartments.

In this project Scharc Arkitektur was responsible for the design of the modular apartments and the design of the buildings on-site (approval planning). Scharc was not involved in the construction and project management.

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172 student apartments
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