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Riksten School – Stage 2 | Stockholm

The new extension of Riksten school

Stockholm, Sweden, 2015 - 2016

Advantages of the new extension

The Riksten School is located in Tullinge which is a suburb of the Botkyrka commune. In the first stage, the school was completed in 2013 and opened for 300 pupils from pre-school classes to 4th grade. Due to increasing demand, the school needs to be extended and offer a broader range of education.

For the second stage of the project, In3prenör was commissioned to build an extension of the school which doubles the capacity of the school by 300 pupils to a total of 600 pupils from pre-school to 9th grade. The new extension houses classrooms, group rooms, multipurpose rooms, workplaces for teachers and rooms for domestic science, physics, chemistry, engineering and biology.

The new building has a total of 1,900 sq.m. and will use identical materials to the existing building. It has the same brick facade and adopts the double shed roof with concrete tiles and metal panels. This leads to a harmonic extension of the building without disturbing its original design.

Department: Architecture
Field of Expertise:
Project status:
Building owner:
Botkyrka kommun
In3prenör AB
Building size:
300 additional pupils
Construction costs:
100 000 000 SEK
Botkyrka, Sweden
Project start:
Project end: