Spånga studenthub| Stockholm

A new student hub build on modular apartments

Stockholm, Sweden, 2009 -2015

The new studenthub

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The “Studenthub” will be located in Stockholm-Spånga close to the commuter station and will be built on a former industrial used property covering three hectares. It has the potential to improve the area and create a more attractive, vibrant and livable neighborhood. Furthermore, the student hub is an important addition to Stockholm’s student housing stock, which can improve the situation for many students.

Around 1,100 student apartments will be arranged in two blocks and built in five- to six-story high apartment houses. The student apartments will vary between 20 sq.m. and 37 sq.m., have pantry kitchens as well as bathrooms with tiles and balconies. Since students mostly use bicycles and public transportation, the student hub will offer 1.5 bicycle spaces per apartment.

By applying a new modular construction process, construction times and costs can be reduced while maintaining high quality. The modular system uses the same measurements as 40-foot steel containers, which makes it easy to lift and ship the fully furnished and insulated modules to the construction site. The system complies with Scandinavian building regulations, fulfills the energy norms as well as safety and accessibility regulations. The total production time in the factory and transportation to the construction site is estimated at about 8 weeks. On-site, the modules just need to be mounted and connected to the prepared water, electricity and sewage systems. The last step of the construction is the assembly of the facade.

In this project, Scharc Arkitektur was responsible for the design of the modular apartments and the design of the buildings on-site (approval planning). Scharc was not involved in the construction and project management.

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1 100 student apartments
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