Sthlm SkiCenter | Botkyrka, Stockholm

A proposal for the Sthlm SkiCenter competition together with NCC

Stockholm, Sweden, 2013

Advantages of the proposal

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A ski tunnel in Stockholm would offer numerous advantages to residents, visitors, and athletes by enhancing recreational opportunities and providing a year-round training facility. The all-season skiing feature allows for consistent practice and enjoyment, regardless of weather conditions. Athletes and ski enthusiasts can benefit from uninterrupted training, leading to improved skills and performance. Skiing is an excellent form of exercise, and a ski tunnel presents a unique venue for individuals to stay active and maintain fitness levels throughout the year. Moreover, the ski tunnel can serve as an attraction for tourists, boosting the local economy and raising Stockholm's profile as a diverse and exciting destination.

The ski tunnel's controlled environment can also help reduce the need for artificial snow production at outdoor ski facilities, which often has negative environmental impacts. In addition, the facility can be used for educational purposes, teaching skiing techniques and safety, thus making the sport more accessible to a broader audience. The ski tunnel has the potential to become a hub for community events, competitions, and social gatherings, fostering engagement among local residents and promoting a sense of camaraderie.

Department: Architecture
Field of Expertise:
Sports, Culture & Leisure
Project status:
Entrepreneur: NCC Construction Sverige AB
Location: Botkyrka
Project time: