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Sudent aprtments | Jakobsberg, Stockholm

A proposal for student apartments on top of an existing grocery store

Stockholm, Sweden. Last updated 2023-03-01

Advantages of the proposal

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Building student apartments on top of an existing grocery store offers several advantages related to efficient land use, convenience, and sustainability. This mixed-use development approach optimizes available land, reduces urban sprawl, and promotes better land-use planning. Students benefit from easy access to groceries and essential goods, saving time and encouraging healthier eating habits. The proximity to the store reduces the need for car trips, leading to decreased traffic congestion, fuel consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions, fostering a more walkable and eco-friendly environment. Developers can potentially save on construction costs by utilizing existing infrastructure, possibly resulting in more affordable housing options. Additionally, this approach can revitalize the neighborhood, attract more businesses, and promote social integration between students and local residents, ultimately creating a more inclusive and vibrant urban environment.

Department: Architecture
Field of Expertise:
Project status:
Building Owner: Private
Location: Jakobsberg
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