Fruängen C – 2015 Redevelopment | Stockholm

Ideas for a redevelopment process

Stockholm, Sweden, 2015

Advantages of the proposed redevelopment

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Fruängen Centrum is located in Stockholm’s southwestern suburb Fruängen and was built in 1961 when the red subway line was extended to Fruängen. Due to Stockholm’s strong population growth and the good locational factors, it is only a matter of time until the center will experience a redensification. The concept “Fruängen C – 2015 Redevelopment” is divided into four sub-projects and includes concepts for improved access to public transportation, redesign of public spaces as well as parking solutions.

Mot Utsikten – Elderly-friendly Living (sub-project 1)
With its ten stories, the building adapts to the heights of the neighboring residential towers and is the tallest building in the new center design. Due to the short barrier-free ways to shops and easy access of public transportation, this building is particularly suitable for elderly-friendly living. It contains 27 barrier-free apartments with about 72 sq.m. and spacious balconies.

Youth Housing (sub-project 2)
The youth housing is located in a five-story building, which is aligned to the height of the opposite building. Community and storage rooms are located on the ground floor and the upper floors have 20 apartments with around 40 sq.m. for young people between 18 and 25 years.

Gym | Office | Retail (sub-project 3)
A new three-story building replaces the previous car park and marks an optical end of the square. It forms kind of a gateway to the central square, along with the existing single-story building. Furthermore it protects the central square from street noises and creates a more pleasant atmosphere. The ground floor offers space for additional retail stores and the upper floors are designed as flexible office spaces and a gym. Each floor has around 420 sq.m. rental area, which can be designed according to tenant demands.

I.WE.STHLM – Student Apartment Hotel (sub-project 4)
The former bus station site is to be transformed into a nine-story building which is aligned to the building structure of the existing opposite building. Due to the direct accessibility of public transportation and Stockholm’s educational institutions, this property is particularly suitable for a student apartment hotel. It offers about 25 sq.m. fully furnished single and double apartments, which can be rented for one or two academic years. In addition, the building offers space for a restaurant, café, car park and many shared areas.

More information about the student hotel: I.WE.STHLM – Student apartment hotel website

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Real Estate Development
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21 000 sq.m.
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